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Prioritize applications with Layer 7 & Layer 8 Visibility & ControlsPrioritize Applications

Cyberoam offers Application Visibility & Control with Layer 7 policies and reporting, preventing data leakage and sophisticated application-layer threats, including malware, phishing, botnets. The feature supports business applications, secure collaboration, Cloud and SaaS deployments with Layer 7 and Layer 8 identity-based policies.

ApplicationsCyberoam Application Visibility & Control feature offers complete visibility on which applications are being accessed within the organization and by which user, irrespective of their ports and protocols. This stops sophisticated application-layer threats right at the network perimeter, ensuring Application Security. Based on network access policies, users and their job roles, and time, it enables organizations to accelerate business-critical applications, stagger non-critical applications, selectively accelerate socio-business applications and block undesirable applications to achieve the twin goal of Application QoS and optimal bandwidth utilization. Real-time network logs and reports further allow organizations to promptly re-set network settings for maximum security and productivity.

Feature Feature Description Benefit
Application Security
  • Inbuilt application category database
  • Blocks anonymous proxies Eg. UItra surf
  • Prevents “Phone home” activities and keyloggers
  • Layer 7 & Layer 8 Visibility
  • Prevents sophisticated application-based threats
User and Time-based controls for Application Access
  • Controls usage of social applications Eg., Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, gaming, BitTorrent based on Time and Layer 8 Identity-based policies
  • Schedules non-critical applications during non-peak hours
  • Controls P2P applications, Eg. Skype and IM applications
  • Enables creation of White (Business-Critical), Black (Non-Productive), Grey (Social, Entertainment) application categories for prioritization
  • Enhanced productivity through flexibility
  • Balanced bandwidth usage
  • Supports business-critical applications
  • Ensures Application Security with comprehensive IM, P2P controls
Bandwidth Control for Applications
  • Prioritize bandwidth allocation to critical applications Eg. Salesforce, Sharepoint, CRM, ERP, etc.
  • Control bandwidth allocation to non-business applications
  • Delivers Application QoS
  • Ensures optimal bandwidth utilization
Layer 8 Identity and Bandwidth-based Application Control
  • Control application usage based on user, user group, source, destination and bandwidth
  • Supports bandwidth and user-critical applications Eg. VoIP
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Optimizes bandwidth usage
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