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Along with the flexibility to deploy hardware and virtual appliances for network security, Cyberoam virtual network security appliances (Next-Generation Firewalls/UTMs) protect virtual networks from attacks on hypervisor management console, hypervisor & Guest OS, virtualized web-facing applications and servers and allows organizations to secure Zero Trust Networks with comprehensive security features in virtualized form.

Protection for Virtualized Networks Cyberoam virtual network security appliances remove blind spots within the virtualized environments with their ability to scan inter-VM traffic, also allowing granular firewall and security policies over inter-VM traffic. In cases where the hypervisor management console is placed in live production virtual environment due to lack of segmentation within virtual environments, organizations get security from threats like hyperjacking and other hypervisor vulnerabilities with administrators segregating the Hypervisor Management Console in DMZ and routing all traffic through the virtual security appliance. Cyberoam enables role-based administrator controls even in collapsed DMZ in case of virtualized networks, allowing separation of administrator duties along with identity-based logs and reports with Cyberoam’s on-appliance reporting feature. The virtual security appliance allows Identity-based security policies over user authentication, service authorization and reporting (AAA) that offers visibility and user-based access controls in virtual environments, thus securing Zero Trust Networks.

Comprehensive Virtual Security Cyberoam virtual security appliances consolidate multiple security features like firewall, VPN, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, IPS, WAF, Web & Application Filtering, Bandwidth Management, and more, in a single virtual appliance that makes virtual environments as secure as the physical infrastructure.

Ease of Deployment Cyberoam virtual security appliances are easy to deploy with a licensing model that provides the flexibility to allot the number of vCPUs for Cyberoam virtual security appliance based on customer requirements. A simple key activation to upgrade to higher models and no hard limits on crossing recommended usage limits make Cyberoam virtual security appliances easy to deploy in your virtual set-ups.

Compliance Management Cyberoam virtual security appliances segregate and secure traffic and data in virtualized environments, enabling organizations and MSSPs to meet regulatory requirements. Identity-based logs and reports with the on-appliance reporting feature supports display of compliance.

Centralized Management Organizations have the flexibility to deploy individual and a mix of hardware and virtual security appliances in their network infrastructure, which can be managed centrally using the virtual Cyberoam Central Console.

Complete Virtual Security Solution Cyberoam virtual security appliances, along with other security offerings like the virtual Cyberoam Central Console and Cyberoam iView software, offer a complete virtual security package to organizations.

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