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Cyberoam secures all types of virtualization scenarios with its virtual network security appliances.

Virtual Data Center

In cases where the hypervisor management console is placed in live production virtual environment due to lack of segmentation within virtual environments, virtual networks are prone to attacks like hyperjacking; exploits attacking vulnerabilities in hypervisor, management console, hypervisor & Guest OS; security risks arising out of loss of separation of duties between security/network security and operations; and attacks on virtualized servers and web-facing applications. With an external hardware security appliance that lacks the ability to scan traffic within the virtual environments, organizations are left with blind spots in their networks. Cyberoam virtual security appliances, offering consolidated network security, can scan traffic within the virtual environments and allow granular firewall and security policy enforcement on inter-VM traffic, besides allowing logs and reports, which enables the virtual data center to display and manage compliance requirements

Enterprise/MSSP "Security-in-a-Box"

Enterprises and MSSPs face the challenge of handling the growth and expansion of their business or customers’ business that requires immediate capacity upgrades. Those managing multiple virtual appliances for security of their own/ customers’ networks need a centralized security management solution for consistent security policies across branch offices and customer networks along with a centralized logging and reporting solution. Cyberoam virtual security appliance (Next-Generation Firewall/UTMs) consolidates the security requirements of branch offices/ multiple customer networks into a virtual security appliance that offers comprehensive virtual security. Its easy upgrade enables enterprises and MSSPs to upgrade their subscription services in no time and respond immediately to the rising security needs of their branch offices and customers. Cyberoam offers a complete virtual security solution to enterprises/MSSPs with Cyberoam virtual network security appliances, virtual Cyberoam Central Console for centralized management and Cyberoam iView software for centralized logging and reporting.

 title=Security in Virtual office or Office-in-a-Box

Security in Virtual office or "Office-in-a-Box"

Users connecting to an ‘Office-in-a-Box’ network using multiple devices, specifically their personal devices that lack security, increase the risk of security threat in the entire virtual network. User-based access controls become even more important in a virtual office set-up or a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Cyberoam’s Layer 8 Identity-based security policies over user authentication, service authorization and reporting (AAA) secure the Zero Trust virtual networks. Cyberoam’s user-based controls enable controlled access to network resources. For users working from home, Cyberoam virtual security appliances’ VPN feature allows a threat-free tunnel for secure access to network resources.

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